Never underestimatethe power of a well-developed set of pelvic floor muscles! A strong pelvicfloor adds up to a better sexual experience not only for your lover, but foryou too. Start toning yours to perfection today with this handy set ofgraduated pleasure balls.

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The decision to develop a strong, reliable pelvic floor isone of the wisest any woman can make when she’s serious about the quality ofher sex life. Strengthen and tone yours to perfection when you add the kegel ballset to your collection.

Training process

  • Level 1: Start by wearing just one ball 45g, 30minutes per day, for 1-2 weeks
  • Level 2:As your muscles get used to the sensationof a single bead, you can experiment with vibration balls 87g, 30 minutes perday, for 2-3 weeks

Package include:

  • 2*kegel exercise products for women
  • 1*Product Operating


 Stop using it if you feel Uncomfortable.
 Keep the item in a dry and safe place awayfrom children.
 kegel trainer device Use paperenvironmentally friendly materials for packaging, protect environment Reduceuse, reuse, recycle use

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Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions19.5 × 3.2 × 3.2 cm

Medical grade silicone material

1 review for Kegel Balls Tightening and Improving Bladder for Women

  1. IceQx13

    I have found these Keagle balls very useful, they are simple yet work just as expected. I’d much rather have their intended purpose of weight than any fancy features. You get to different sizes/weights to help you work up to the strength that you need. There is really no way to break these, since it is just the weight. It is made of comfortable‘s and soft silicone material that is easy to clean. I do love that there is a shiny gem on the end, that is just a fun little bonus. I can immediately tell that they are doing their job, based off of starting out with a smaller one and now being able to use the heavier one. I like that they are still small and discreet, that way you can use them anywhere and anytime for maximum potential.

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